Recruit and Field is a premier qualitative research services company based on Long Island. They’ve done important work for some pretty big companies: Apple, Google, Netflix, and UBER to name a few. They, like so many other businesses out there, desperately needed an updated website but found that they just didn’t have the time to do it. Then they met us. 

Our initial conversations with CEO Josh revolved heavily around two key points: (1) visually communicating what makes their company so different from their competitors, and (2) designing a user experience that made visitors want to work with them. The end result is a home screen that features a gorgeous, engaging background video with a powerful message to their clients overlayed, as well as a navigation structure and page flow that is clean and effortless. 

Josh was a true pleasure to work with. Many clients do not know exactly what they need or want in their website —  in this case, our mission is to help our clients figure things out and make suggestions until things click. Josh was the opposite — he knew exactly what he was going for and was not afraid to ask for revisions until the website matched his specifications exactly. We love working with such detail oriented people, because we ourselves are the same way. 

About working with SSOSSUM, Josh said

“Our company has experienced significant growth in the past few years and we were simply too busy (and worried) about what it would take to update our website to reflect our expanded services. Then we met Elan and the team at SSOSSUM who made the process literally stress-free.  From guiding us on collecting content to even arranging updated headshots for our team, the experience was different than what I've typically heard from my colleagues. SSOSSUM is very flexible, receptive to our input and the result is a stunning new website, that our team is proud of and that is extremely well received by our customers and other professionals in our industry. I highly recommend SSOSSUM for their talent and the incredible value their web package offers.”

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Amanda Robinson is a rare, multi-dimensional talent. Dancer, Model, Actress, Fitness Professional, and On-Camera Personality, Amanda is a former NBA dancer who has traveled the world showcasing her talents and performed with some of today’s biggest celebrities - Amy Schumer, Will Smith, Shania Twain, and R Kelly to name a few. She has performed on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MTV Video Music Awards, and featured in advertisements for companies such as Adidas, Olay, Swarovsky, and Degree.

SSOSSUM was thrilled when Amanda approached us to build her very first website. Some clients - like basic e-commerce clients - need a unique, visual experience that adds flavor and weight to their products. In Amanda’s case, however, our approach was the opposite — we wanted to let her herself be that unique, visual experience. We designed a portfolio site that cleanly showcases the breadth of her work and allows visitors to digest all of her content without getting overwhelmed or lost. It was important to Amanda that the site be personal and inviting, so we made sure to find ways to reference her character through design elements. Amanda was an absolute joy to work with and we’re so happy to have heard so much positive feedback since launching the site. 

About working with SSOSSUM, Amanda said:

“Elan has been exceptional to work with! He created, designed, and customized my website with great ease and consideration for my specific style. I had an enormous amount of content/media to sort through and Elan patiently worked with me to select the best images. Not only did he set me up with success to maintain the site, but he never failed at addressing my concerns and questions in a timely, eloquent manner. I am extremely pleased with how the site came out and have done nothing but rave to my friends and family about Elan’s excellent work ethnic. Now-a-days many people look to take advantage of those who are not tech savy, but not once did I feel this way with Elan. He made sure I was informed every step of the way. Elan’s work is definitely top-notch and he should be your “go-to guy” for webdesign! Thanks for everything Elan, you are an all-star =) “

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