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Amanda Robinson

Dancer, Model, Fitness Professional, Motivator, and On-Camera Personality, Amanda Robinson is a rare, multi-dimensional talent.

Amanda is a former NBA dancer who has traveled the world showcasing her talents and performed with some of today’s biggest celebrities - Amy Schumer, Will Smith, Shania Twain, and R Kelly to name a few - she has also performed on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MTV Video Music Awards, and she has been featured in advertisements for companies such as Adidas, Olay, Swarovsky, and Degree.

SSOSSUM was thrilled when Amanda approached us to build her very first website. Some clients - like basic e-commerce clients - need a unique, visual experience that adds flavor and weight to their products. In Amanda’s case, however, our approach was the opposite — we wanted to let her herself be that unique, visual experience. We designed a portfolio site that cleanly showcases the breadth of her work and allows visitors to digest all of her content without getting overwhelmed or lost. It was important to Amanda that the site be personal and inviting, so we made sure to find ways to reference her character through design elements. Amanda was an absolute joy to work with and we’re so happy to have heard so much positive feedback since launching the site. 

After working with SSOSSUM, Amanda said:
“Elan has been exceptional to work with! He created, designed, and customized my website with great ease and consideration for my specific style. I had an enormous amount of content/media to sort through and Elan patiently worked with me to select the best images. Not only did he set me up with success to maintain the site, but he never failed at addressing my concerns and questions in a timely, eloquent manner. I am extremely pleased with how the site came out and have done nothing but rave to my friends and family about Elan’s excellent work ethnic. Now-a-days many people look to take advantage of those who are not tech savy, but not once did I feel this way with Elan. He made sure I was informed every step of the way. Elan’s work is definitely top-notch and he should be your “go-to guy” for webdesign! Thanks for everything Elan, you are an all-star =)"